1. Sandwalk Butter Notes 7:17
  2. Dazzling Shine On Me Butter Notes 5:46

Latest Releases

In October we decided to record two of our latest songs as a live session in our rehearsal room. Recorded as one piece, it delivers the raw energy and emotions of these songs. The EP is available on all popular streaming services. Listen. Enjoy. Share.

Upcoming Shows

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  • Jun08 Peilsteinhaus Lichterloo Festival

The Story

Why „Butter Notes“?

Why not?…For those of you for whom this detailed explanation is not enough, we have considered an alternative. „Butter Notes“ is a term from jazz music. It means tones that are obvious and follow as expected. Since we are often looking for the unexpected and really like to experiment with timings and different rhythms when writing music, we found this irony quite amusing. Do you think so too?

How we got together?

Butter Notes is not our first project together. We’ve been making music together for a long time, but we started out in metal music. After several joint projects with different band members, our way of making music has changed. Among other things, our music has become more experimental and significantly less harsh due to the very different influences. In keeping with the band name, we are often looking for the unexpected or different rhythms in our music. It’s easy, we just love what we do – and we want to deliver this feeling to our listeners.

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